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A high school competition in which teams from different school compete in a series of tests on such environmental topics as aquatics, soils, wildlife, and forestry, as well as an oral presentation on a current event topic. An incredible amount of fun for a nerd or hippie, especially on the national level. National competition usually involves barefoot ultimate during downtime.
Nerd #1: How long did you work on your oral presentation for the Envirothon?
Nerd #2: 15 hours straight, you?
Nerd #1: Man, only 10. It was awesome though!

Nerd #1: If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?
Nerd #2: Pilgrims!
Nerd #1: And if Mayflowers bring Pilgrims, what do Pilgrims bring?
Nerd #2: Invasive species!!

(Coventry beats Wheeler any day, Newfies rock)
by revscharm February 16, 2005
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an annual school-supported contest that challenges students in CNY to learn more about nature, such as forestry or aquatics; a contest in which the winning team is awarded a trophy that signifies students who are aware of their environment
Student 1: "Hey did you find out who won the Enviro-thon?"
Student 2: " Yeah the kids from Pulaski won the trophy, they must really know a lot about nature and stuff."
Student 1: "Didn't they only have like 4 people?"
Student 2: "Yep and they still won."
by Ð@ñ February 19, 2009

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