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An authority on business and enterprise ,an entrepreneur ,who has contributed to advancement of enterprise or entrepreneurship either through experience ,academically or both and a willingness to part the skills and expertise to others for fee or in a volunteer charitable capacity like a business advisor or coach or mentor or a busness policy advisor or expert .A capacity to create weath through new products and make business grow as well from small to large.
Enterprise-tsar:Donald Trump.Dyson, Richard Brandson, Vijay Pillai,Lord Sugar
by ccdc June 22, 2009
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Enterprise tsar:An authority or expert on business ,who has demonstrated throught his or her ability to take risk and start and do business small or large and create wealth or build up expertise academically or both and have the passion for busines at the same to pass his or skills to others to do the same.

Some one who can tell it as it is without minching words but drill the hard facts and reality while encouraging to be preceive with vision and not to be dishardened by shorterm drawbacks but keep eyes focused on longer term business success.
Enterprise Tsar:Lord Alan Sugar,Vijay Pillai, Donald Trumb,Dyson,Richard Brandson
by ccdc June 21, 2009
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