Stands for "Emergency No Internet Porn." Usually collected in a folder, ENIP is for chronic masturbaters who, for some reason or another, can use their computer, but cannot use the internet.

ENIP usually consists of various lewd pictures or videos, saved in a "discreet" folder.
"Yo, dude, my internet was out last night, so I had to use my ENIP to get one off."

"Holy shit. My ENIP folder is bulging with all of the best porn."
by Speak 'n Spell April 10, 2012
Top Definition
A catchy more appealing way to address a Penis to your friends in a casual conversation. Commonly thought of as a tastier sounding word due to sound similarity to "Cheeze-nips"
I want your enips please.
Want some enips?
You like enips?
by womg March 19, 2008
Refers to marijuana, by spelling pine backwards. Used to talk about weed when you don't want the people around you to know what you're talking about.
student: can I get an ounce of weee.....
*teacher walks up
student: enip this weekend
by delaneykate October 18, 2009
when the nipples become erect, preferably on a female, and if your lucky they'll poke out through her shirt.
Hey Steve! check out those enips!
by anonymous January 19, 2004
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