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1: To enhance one's happiness.
2: To exponentially increase one's mood in a velocitous manner.
3: The state of being that males reach immediately after viewing a pair of attractive female breasts, regardless of the males' previous mood.

4: The state of being, either concurrent or remembered, that is validized through the retelling of the event that caused said state to occur.
1: James: "I am a jerk today. I hate everything."
Jessica: "I present to you some breasts. Please, enhappify yourself.
James: "I am now enhappified."

2: James: "Yesterday, Jessica revealed to me her Breasts of Magnificence, and I was thusly enhappified."
George: "I now loathe your every internal organ."
James: "I emplore you to deny indulging in such feelings."

3: George: "This morning, I was so priveleged as to have been summarily exposed to Jessica's most succulent of mammary glands, and my feelings of hatred towards your inner workings has been thusly squelched.
James: "Were you vastly enhappified through your experience?"
George: "I was enhappified to a state beyond any previously perceived plateau, my heterosexual male companion. Beyond any previously perceived plateau."
by Tak A Lah March 06, 2006
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