Fear of emos or becoming emo.
His best friend had emophobia and was too afraid to go to the green day concert.
by Dont Care March 03, 2006
Top Definition
(n) the fear of emo, suicide and/or bad comb-overs.
After the Fall Out Boy concert, i had a strong feeling of emophobia.
by Cocker December 07, 2005
Emophobia is the fear or discrimination against persons considered as being Emo.
Emophobic refers to a person who diaproves the way Emos wear or live they life.
::That guy over there, he's realy not into Emo. I think he has some kind of Emophobia.He's Emophobic.. ::
by RetroVerse January 08, 2007
The name for the fear of emo's
A: dude! relax. there just emo's
B: i cant i have emophobia
by hamghetti... September 28, 2006
disliking or discriminating against Emos.
norah: "hey sally wanna meet my new friend linda, shes emo."

by madeiraLila February 11, 2008
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