an emo chav is baiscally a scene kid see example
scene kid wears gangsta/chav clothing with lip piercing and emo haircuts such as an emochav
by spongebob_rocks August 30, 2006
Top Definition
This is a word i created to describe the 'teenagers' commonly found in the town of Colchester, Essex (UK) and Guernsey.
They're a cross between emo kids and chavs.
They often have emo hair style's while wearing chav clothing, or wearing emo clothing and having hair which appears to have been attacked by bleach and a chainsaw.
They're marginally better chavs since their pale complexion keeps them inside and their short life expectancy is also a bonus.

(Abbreviated to emok or emoch)
Dude 1: "Did you see that twat with the shite hair?"
Dude 2: "The emochav?"
by AlexC July 13, 2006
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