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A person who isn't an emo
Often dresses as if from a different group entirely
though will often have a love for metal and emo music
often have a hatred of emos
this is because they are the true emo at heart and are sensitive, dark and hurting. however they despise the emo that claims to be hurt when they are really just following a fashion trend.
Difficult to spot
A girl who dresses fashionably and preppy, she is bubbly and blond, flirts alot and seems normal. However though she doesn't seem depressed she experiences deep pain and sympathy for others in pain. She is clinically depressed
on the outside a prep maybe
she is not an emo
just has an emo heart
by A little taste of heaven November 06, 2007
a quick drawing of a heart with a arrow through it made in such a fashion as to look like slash marks. it is simply a pointed heart with one line going through it diagonally from the upper right to the lower left.
I don't just like him, but i don't love him, so i guess i emo-heart him.
by Arianna Godiva September 24, 2006
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