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usually a bulletin on myspace by an emo friend constantly encouraging everyone to join their emo club. Hence emo "spam."
emo spam:


Body: WE HAVE COOKIES LOLOLOLOL (terribly overused joke) WE SHALL BATHE IN DA BLOOD AND ASHES (omg -.- delete this friend ASAP)
by anti-em0 July 10, 2008
Usually seen on... Well, Scenes... Or emo's. Aproximately 2-4 inches of hair (Usually the fringe) is over one eye and the other is caked in eyeliner. Hence the "Spam". Originally from Wakefield, but who knows... If anyone else has heard it the feel free to say so.
Look at her EMO SPAM! ! !
by Zippy-And-Bungle April 21, 2006
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