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The emo smiley is often represented as 'c:'. Emo and scene kids use it to be a cuter smiley face than ':-)', and on occasion, some white girls may use it, thinking they are cool (the same white girls who think Peirce The Veil is heavy metal). Often times, this emoticon will be used an insane amount of times in a single message, sometimes varying from 'cx' to ':c'. It's a cuter emote, definitely, but because it is overused by the scene and emos, it has lost its adorable reputation.
Text message example of the emo smiley in context:
'omfgg i know cx myne is def vic hes da cutest & kellin is killin my ovaries ja feel :c hes perf <333
by shewishesfortheworld November 09, 2013
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