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an emo quit is when, a bit like rage quit, you quit a gathering or conversation because you are out of words and/or have been seriously humiliated.

emo quitting is most seen in movies, when the main character is sad or angry, and is slamming the door behind him.
- omg did u just see mike?
- yeah, he just totally emo quit cause is girlfriend left him
- omg, fuckin n00b
by antoine whatson December 01, 2010
to leave and/or quit in an emotional outburst. to commit suicide.
Mitchell Henderson emoquit life to become an hero.
by insane daemon March 19, 2010
Emoquit is when a person ends some kind of relationship (dating, friendship, partnership games) in an emotional outburst situation. Only features a emoquit when rationally and logically the situation does not justify the breakup. It is a kind of overreaction derived from an emotional imbalance.

Commonly used in situations involving online games.
When I told him that the performance in the game was not good, he complained that no one helped him and never liked the things he did, leaving the group then no chance of argument. Fully emo quit.
by Lysergiuc D July 26, 2016
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