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ovaries specially given to men in emo bands
my emo ovaries are bigger than yours
by spockRock July 28, 2003
its amazing! emo boys can have emo ovaries and be just like there girl friend once a month!
emo boy "ouch! my emo ovaries are hurting"
emo girl "aww me to. I got some paracetamol, want some?"
emo boy *sniffs* "ok"
by Silent Lullaby September 25, 2005
emo ovaries are something like the montly problems girls have.

if you play the emogame, probably part to, it will be explaned to you in a simpler way.

emo boys are born with ovaries.
if they make an album the ovaries will make sure theyre second will suck, so the emo boys have even more reason to feel sad.
Jimmy eat world had theyre ovaries removed, thats probably why they started to suck.

to all of you emo guys never remove your ovaries, its not good for your healt, you will never look as good as you used to. and you will turn into a chav.

i warn you.

and if it hurts, take paracetamol or have sex, it helps.
i wish i was a boy with emo ovaries.

you know this is a bullshit story, but its fun isnt it?
by Kayls September 30, 2005
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