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an emo girl that is: a) dressed as a cat OR b) a boy/girl magnet

person 1: gawd, shes a sex goddess, shes so scene
person 2: yuhuh, definite emo kitty
#emo kitty cat #emo cat #scene kitty #scene kitty cat #emo kitty kat
by [x][a][m][y][x] January 01, 2006
A Fat Cat (usually calico) that does nothing but eat, sleep, and act anti-social. When it gets scared, (usually from trash bags and loud noises) it hides underneath a bed and stay there until the cat thinks that it is gone. This can take several hours.
Brad: Lulu! Stop acting like such an emo kitty!
Lulu: Meow..
Brad: Mom! Lulu is cutting herself again!
#emo #cat #anti-social #fat #calico
by Pagels March 27, 2010
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