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A Sad Ass Kid Who Thinks Everything In This World Is Crap. emos Are Very Depressed and Try (and Fail) To Kill Themselves. They Usually Become a "blood brother" or "blood sister" with some other emo. They Also cut themselves To Try To Cope With Their Sadness. Sometimes They cut With Others. emos Ruin friendships. They Have Also Ruined: The Cutoff Gloves, Converse Shoes, Punk, Black, Pink, Red, The Hair Thing (But It Was Only Good In Anime), and The Cut Thing (Real Men Did It To Prove That They Werent Pussies and That They Werent Scared Of Blood). But They Didnt Ruin The Men In Girls Pants Thing, That Already Sucked.

emo: im so emo, im going to go xxkillxx my self :`(
Me: Do It, Ya Fuckin emo Bitch Ass!
by Vladimir Kiljoy June 01, 2007
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