an emabarassed person
duude, stop eatin that ice cream. ur startin to look like an emmeline
by oinehc October 24, 2007
Top Definition
good friend, is up for a laugh, a bit quiet sometimes but generally a great girl :)
"she's a great friend"
"yeah she's like emmeline"
by Laura & Lara March 01, 2007
A fucking sexy incredible person who gives the most FUCKING AMAZING hugs, bjs, kisses, and advice. Usually absolutely hot, and Asian, and is always up for a laugh.
Lets go find an Emmeline.
by dinomilk October 29, 2011
Emmeline is an elf-woman, directly descending from the Elven Queen, the great Aym'Lyne.

She is small and lithe, with a strong, slim body- yet she still has just the right amount of curves.

She has long undulating hair that cascades from her shoulders in waves; its swinging entrances mere mortals.

She is adept in the traditional South African dance, that which is practised in those clubs of young and wild beautiful people; her skill drives men wild with lust, and women wild with envy.

She is indeed remarquably sexy, in the way of the Elven Royalty of Olden Time, and doesn't realise it, which greatly becomes her.

She is a sweet person, has moments of crazed excitement- as most young elf-women do-, and gives amazing advice to those in need of it.

She is a shoulder to lean on, to cry on, as well as a person to count on in times of laughter.

One should be honoured and proud to know Emmeline- she is most assuredly the best friend one could dream of.
Boy: Who is that goddess dancing over there? She doesn't even seem to notice anyone; but we're all staring...
Girl: Of course, that's the elf-woman Emmeline. She wouldn't notice a mere mortal such as yourself, she's way too good for you. She's a 9 (over 10), didn't you know?
by Sheevof December 30, 2011
of or pertaining to avril lavigne.
my friend pulled an emmeline and now has a pink stripe of hair.
by hollafuchs April 29, 2008
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