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To be like an emo,
only not totally emo yet
-"That dude's not emo"
-"Yeah, he is"
-"No, he's emish"
by Badwick Tsuraide May 08, 2006
24 11
What happens when a punk rock band collides with an Irish Folk Band....Emo + Irish = Emish!
We saw Emish at the Celtic Classic this weekend.
by PunkMom September 27, 2011
4 0
To be afriad of any sexual relations with male or female

afraid of any consiquince of sex
"dude hit dat shit !!! " said daniel
"nah dude im frekin Emish !!" Yelled leo
" lil bitch u aint down " murrmerd arthur
by Leo aguirre September 13, 2005
5 25