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someone who wants you to believe that 'n' number of girls are dying to 'be-friend' him. You always find one of such a kind around whose (desperately) 'left-unattended' computer flaunts his mailbox with emails from riya, rita, rachelle, le-yu-won, martha, kathy, priyanka and salma.
sid: *staring at amit's computer* hey saurabh, your roommate's got to be a winner.

saurabh: Relax, 1% of these emails is ages old and the other 99% he sent to himself from fake mail-ids.

sid: wow! That's some crazy emailFlauntoholic.

*naman walks in, beaming with pride*

sid: congra-fuckin'-tulations naman, you got loads of chicks to bang.

naman: ah, they bother me so much. *fakes a shrug*
by ravenblizzard January 28, 2010
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