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Inability to speak with out using your hands. Usually about rude or vulgar content.
Man, that guy was on an elko. His hands were moving a mile a minute.
by crankyanker2010 September 03, 2010
When one manages to do something surprisingly awesome or spectacular.
Yo, I just pulled an elko
by Retsim August 11, 2006
a small town in northern nevada that is a mining town wiht one walkmart one k mart a smiths two star bucks and many gambling areas it had many suburbs like spring creek ryndon and osino and is a quite town to live in it gets hot in the summer cold in the winter
guy* have you ever been to elko

girl* yes it was very hot

guy* you went during the summer huh

girl* yeah i did
by motogirl12 March 01, 2011
A shit mining town with 1 wallmart, 1 kmart, 1 starbucks, 1 high school and an abundance of casinos, brothels, and sage brush. 2 hours from a any real city. meth, homless people and rednecks. the scariest city to ever show up on a map.
woman: what the hell is that?

man: thats Elko. Hell on Earth.
by gunner recall April 01, 2010
An elko is a little shit. Normally associated with the after curry belly burn, when despite the complete agony of stomach cramps, all you can muster is a runny little turd. This called an elko.
Christ! My guts are killing me, but all I can get out is an elko.
by Lord Football March 13, 2005