To go out with the intention to pick up and have sex with members of the opposite sex who are of limited height. The use is similar to how the word "hogging" can be used to describe a similar act with members of the opposite sex who are overweight.
Fuck this shit man, I'm going out Elfin'!
by Emily (another one) September 28, 2005
Top Definition
To have the features of an elf- pale skin, closely cropped hair, high forehead and, most importantly, eyes which slant upwards.
Elfin people come only from Nordic countries.
"Freddie Ljungberg is looking very Elfin today".

Q. "Is he Czech?"
A. "No Iclelandic, elfin".
by L.B.Seed August 22, 2004
Participating in or viewing porn involving elves or elf like beings.
Fuck this shit man, I'm going elfin'!
by Emily from St. Paul! September 03, 2003
having elfish qualities
"imagine that kid with long hair. he'd look elfin"
by ginjanut March 28, 2010
A euphemism to be used in polite company in place of the vulgar adverb "fucking"
Merry elfin Christmas to you too you asshole!
by Jacked Up Jazz December 21, 2006
"Elfin" is a condition when a bar is full of all these dorky and squirelly white men and NO women.
"Forget this place - it's totally elfin!"
by El Loudo February 08, 2005
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