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An adult who uses elementary school slang such as, ''you smelt it, you dealt it." or "I know you are but what am I."
guy: "someone in here farted"
other guy: "you smelt it, you dealt it"
guy: "dude shut up. that's so elementary. what are you still in like the second grade?"
by justicetoteach February 05, 2010
16 9
Name calling.
When people call other people bitches and poseurs and assholes and other such simple minded names... and actually mean it.
It's pathetic on a new level.
That which is expected of someone in grades PreK - 8 and shouldn't even be tolerated in highschool.
Someone who hasn't taken the time to grow up and get a hobby and are still acting like "badass" little bitches right out of middle school.
Girls who are convinced they're still LORDS even after walking into highschool.
Stupid niner: Stupid whore!
Intelligent niner: I really dislike her. She's said so many things about people and she comes across as more of a bitch than she realizes. Maybe someone should tell her?


Stupid niner: STUPID WHORE.
Intelligent niner: That's so elementary... Go finger paint.
by Namelessness. February 26, 2007
27 11