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A poor attempt at making a piece of food glow, as can be successfully done by sticking two forks that have 120 VAC across them into a dill pickle.
"Let's make an electrical banana."
"No dumbhead, that won't work. Let's make an electrical pickle instead."
by me2 November 21, 2003
3 31

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A rumour started by the Donovan song, "Mellow Yellow", that the peels of bananas actually contained LSD or a similar substance.

The result of boiling the peels of a banana(s).
John drank the Electrical Banana because he thought he could actually trip out on it.
by Phillip H. Donahue January 05, 2004
88 16
a synonym for a dildo, vibrator
This electrical banana gives me so much pleasure.
by Aidz R April 29, 2007
54 23
A banana with a fork stuck in each end, connected to 120 volts A.C. Peels itself when electrified.
Electrical bananas are for people too lazy to peel their own bananas. Don't forget to unplug it before you eat it!
by suisare crasher March 30, 2004
36 20
the process of shoving a pealed banana into a wall socket and somehow getting electrified
electrical bananas arent toys!
by me3 November 26, 2003
7 32
hehehe a funny word.
ur such an electrical banana!!
by me November 19, 2003
9 43