Someone who is taken advantage of, usually in terms of labor, treated like a slave or a gopher. He/she is expected to do and behave like some plugged in appliance or machine, that simply functions and does what is told without an ounce of gratitude or respect. Mechanical laborer.
"There is no way in Hell that I am not going to be his little electric nigger for what he's paying me!"
by Tooyabooya May 18, 2007
Top Definition
A laborer that is disrespected, treated like, and works like a slave. Associated with an appliance that one simply plugs in and it functions/works. gopher.
"You need to clean up after yourself because I am not your electric nigger!"
by CaliKyle May 22, 2007
A person who is just used and appreciated like some mechanical slave. They just do and don't ask questions.
"For years you've been ordering me around, dumping all of these projects on me, and treating me like your little electric nigger."
by HypeAustin April 10, 2008
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