This is a sarcastic counter against people with ridiculously high standards for what are actually quite beautiful women.
Usually it is in response to people who have oddly specific criticisms of a woman, such as thighs being too wide, or shoulders too wide or any of that stuff, who need a reminder that they're not Brad Pitt.
Some Dude: Hey man, check out this chick, isn't she hot? *Links to a pic of someone who could easily be a model*
Some Dude 2:Ew, her thighs are like, way too wide. She's kind of ugly.
Some Dude: Yeah, I see what you mean, bro. Elbows too pointy as well. 1/10, would not bone.
by MSandman May 20, 2012
Top Definition
The most important feature on a woman. If a woman has pointy elbows it throws off her entire look. It can make or brake her. It will turn off even the worst internet virgins.
John: Hey brah check out this hot girl right here!
Adam: Man, have you seen her elbows? Would not hit it!
John: Damn you're right brah, elbows too pointy.
by BurgerPimp07 March 29, 2009
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