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When cum exits the penis at a high velocity and pressure. This is a dangeros and somewhat arrousing funcion that can kill whoever it hits.
Stephen: Did you hear what happened to Suzan?
Bitch: No what happened?
Stephen: She was going down on Greg and he had a ejaculation annihilation... her funeral is on the 15th.
Bitch: Omg that must of hurt like the dickens.
#dangerous #creamy white goodness #sperm #roberto #el #fancypants #retardo
by Roberto el Fancypants March 07, 2008
When the cum pressure is so much the receiver gags or a body part is injured
Man I was getting a blow job and I had a Ejaculation Annihilation all in her eye, she still can't see
#blow job #cum #pain #gagging #injurie
by Tefffffereds45464564 July 28, 2008
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