A sad attempt at getting pre-teens (13 to 14 years old) ready for high school. The teachers are idiotic, the homework is intense, and the cliques are brutal. Consists of Preps, Jocks, Skater boys, Emo kids, Normals, and the Anorexic idiots.
Another grueling day in an Eighth grade PE-locker room...

*OMG my freaking hair is like, messy.* ~Prep
*So fix it.* ~Normal
*I'M SOOOOO FAT!* ~ Anorexic girl
*At least your hair isn't bad!*~ Prep
*(whispering) Bitches.* ~Emo/Scene girl
(Jock guy heard from outside)
*Let me in babyyyyyyy!* ~Jock
*(smirking) Wouldn't you like to....* ~Prep
(Prep goes outside in minimal clothing to greet her jock boyfriend. Skaters whistling at this)
Top Definition
Last year of schooling that the youth will actually need to go into the real world.
Remember everything from the eighth grade? Well, this is like that, but now 5x as hard, only gets twice as harder, goes on for 4 years, and starts now! You think this isn't important? Why take the chance?
by personabovethisisemo November 05, 2013
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