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A period of time when one is searching for oneself. Can also be when one wants to act more adult-lik such as drinking coffee black despite hating the taste of coffee in general. Often results in shame, disgust, and the wish erase that period of time from existence in later years.
Girl 1: remember when you died your hair pink and got a bunch of piercings?

Girl 2: don't remind me, I had eighth grade syndrome.
by Algebraicrhombus January 02, 2014
its when some kids you know suddenly tries to act cool like they are the main character of a show.but mostly its just childish delusions for example like when you see someone trying to act like a anime character then you know he or she has eighth grade syndrome.
student in the same class:Hi my name is steve what's yours?

eighth grade syndrome kid:Hello,i am the hero of this world ad i will defeat every evil i see.
by nav15 January 02, 2016

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