what you say when you don't have a response to something. kind of like "whatever".
girl 1: i've sucked 12 guys' dicks
girl 2: ehh.
by glasses_face May 24, 2009
Used in chats as a sigh.
Kate: I'm really sorry, I can't come over today...
John: Ehh..
by Gremlinekdance December 23, 2008
A word used to show extreme amounts of pain.
Also known as Aou (ow'u).
word used continually to annoy people.
Jim-Bob: *Stubs toe*
Jim-Bob: EHHHHHHH!!!!!
Jimmy: Aou you punched me!
Tom: Damn right i did lol
Billy: Eh buh da ehh bah du ehhh!
by Ehh Productionss April 12, 2010
Suburban slang reffering to marijuana, or pot.
"Can i get some ehh?"
"I ehhed last night, i was on another level."
"Did you pick up ehh?
by Steve Jameson December 28, 2008
To have sex with; the act of sexual intercourse in any manner
When she bent over with her skirt on, I got so turned on and wanted to ehh her all night long.
by Ehh/babe March 29, 2008
The ppl in your life that are so eww. the people that are so stupid. the ones u cant stand.
i hate that ehh she is soooo ehh!
by hottie_lucy July 28, 2008
What one says when one is excited, or happy about something.
Liz:I got the job!!
Lucy:EEEEHHHH!!!!! i.e Well done!
by Blakey Baby February 04, 2004

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