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1. delicious batter based toaster giggles. great with maple syrup or jelly or jam.

2. what you say when you see a lol cat.

3. what you say when you see a funny lol cat.
"Hey gentleman! What is the crap with this? EGGO ROFLS!"


"I laugh here to my eggo rofls."

"bummmer ! eggo rofls are frozen!"
by Dabbo May 18, 2008
12 0
its just another one of those 'lol' or 'rofl' words such as roflcopter or lolocaust. i just made it up today and it was funny. lolocaust
hey did u see that n00b get pwned?! yea it was hilarious!! Eggo rofl!! Lolocaust!!
by mattdamien March 14, 2008
4 5