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To be fecally challenged. Descriptive of the unfortunate condition of constipation wherein the normally simple task of crowning the turtles head becomes a sisyphean struggle.
I'm sorry I can't copme to the phone right now, but I over indulged myself at the dukes buffet last night, I'm affraid I'm totally fucking egg bound

(HRH Answering machine)
by HPnSauce July 16, 2004
The undesirable state of one's bowels which can arise if you don't get your 'five a day.'
Bob: Goddamn. It's 10.30pm and I've only had 2 apples and a banana today. That's only 3 portions of fresh fruit! Better get myself a couple of emergency satsumas.

Bob's mum : You'd better- or you'll get eggbound.
by Monty kicks ass August 25, 2006