What emo's say because their parents will kill 'em if they say a sweary word.
emo: damn, my eyeline pencil broke :(
emo's friend: haha, you suck!
emo: eff u!
emo's friend: uhhhh... don't you mean FUCK YOU!?!
emo: SHUT IT! my mom will kill me if she hears me swearing, man!
emo's friend: oh, sorry dude!
#eff #u #fuck #you #emo
by americanbeauty August 10, 2007
Top Definition
a kewler way of saying fuck you
eff u and her mom up her ahole
#eff dat #eff u #eff ur mom #eff everyone #eff da world
by pdiddy6969 September 27, 2006
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