Word commonly used to describe a tall Jewish man in his mid 40's with a long gray and black prickly beard but specifically has no mustash.
One day a Catholic man walks into a Jewish Temple and then shortly faints in disbelief. Awhile later waking up screaming eegits, theirs so many eegits, ahhh!
by Daniel I April 15, 2004
Top Definition
From the term idiot meaning your stupid. A fool. Someone who acts carelessly.
"your such an eegit"
"What a fukin eegit"
by anon November 01, 2004
The word "idiot," pronounced with a strong Irish or Scottish accent! With the influence of the Gaelic languages on the speech pattern/accent, the letter "d" is soft and sounds like an English soft "g". An' dat's da trut!
An eegit doesn't know what an eegit is!
by CaitPronouncedCawtch February 21, 2008
Pronounced: ee-Git, with a hard G like "get".

Somebody who is an absolute insufferable idiot.
Hey, did you hear Jay lost 50 quid?

Yeah Jay's a fucking eeGit.
by TescoChickenWings February 08, 2014
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