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someone that you regret meeting. at first he seems like a real "friend" but ends up the biggest mistake of your life. he gets obsessing. and "trys" to get it his way. he's the guy that you wont feel bad hurting. sure there will be some guilt but he D E S E R V E S it. honestly, if you come across someone like this, dont turn to his "close" friends. that will only come back to haunt you and hurt you. dont feel bad hurting someone who has hurt you and caused you to hurt them. dont feel bad. it gets better. you will show him who is in control.

p.s DONT fall for the tears. they are only a trap for you to fall into his arms again. dont put yourself there.
you know who you are eddie
by YouKnowWhoIAmEddie July 29, 2012
6 14
comes from the word Edward, Eduardo, Edwardo, Edwin. But there are the lucky few who only have the name Eddie. Usually referred to as a guys name. Eddie's are usually very nice, pretty attractive, love sex, love making people laugh, very smart and usually strive for the hardest things in life. They are the perfect guys to date and have an insane amount of friends.

Becky: OMG guess who I went on a date with last night!!
Sue: Who?!?!?
Becky: Eddie!!
by Sereena December 28, 2007
2318 830
The biggest gangsta around. One who has a huge dick. He's good looking, buff as hell, and is a thug.
Blonde: Did you see that guy who just passed by?

Brunette: I know, he looked like an eddie.
by 3Jaslene4 February 06, 2008
1446 1000
the absolute best guy ever
all the girls wanted the guy that was eddie
by obviously November 09, 2006
1052 634
The coolest, nicest, sexiest, funnest dude to be around!
My homies an Eddie, watch out foo
by Piedude139 January 16, 2009
745 484
Extreamly hot and sexy person
Wow, I am attracted to you because you are such an Eddie!
by Thomas Chen February 06, 2007
735 502
A cool guy in every way.

The kind of guy who makes you laugh and keeps you laughing.

A pal for life, a guy who you can trust and have fun with at all times.
i just want to have fun, i best call Eddie
by sweetassssssssssss February 06, 2010
465 275
Male term for "Betty". Someone who is attractive, sexy, with tremendous sex appeal. Physical appearance can only be described as "HOT LIKE FIRE!" Uncontrollable vaginal dripping and extreme urge to perform fellatio may occur when confronted with this type of individual.
My legs gave out and I fell to my knees with anticipation when I saw that he was an Eddie.

On a scale of Eddie to 10, how hot is he?

Brad Pitt? No way! He's an Eddie.
by EdNYC February 03, 2010
425 255