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the hottest actor of all time. The sexiest man alive. Just plain amazing. His voice is amazing. And hes british.
Ed westwick is a SEX GOD.
by edlover. July 13, 2009
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Hot British actor, best known for playing Chuck Bass on the TV series Gossip Girl.

Is currently dating costar Jessica Szohr, who also plays a character on Gossip Girl - Vanessa.

Also lead singer of the indie band The Filthy Youth.

Does an awesome American accent.

Also known as Ed Sexwick. ;]

Did I mention hawt?
RandomGirl: Dude, why do we even watch Gossip Girl?

RandomGirl2: ED WESTWICK, woman! Oh, and it's a good show too.

RandomGirl: Ohh yeaah.
by obsessiveitude June 23, 2009
an actor on the t.v. show: Gossip Girl
he plays: Chuck Bass
he has been in the recent films: Children of Men, Breaking and Entering, and Son of Rambow
he also made a few guest appearances on the t.v. shows: Casualty and Afterlife
Chuck Bass is such a jerk!
dont think that though, because you dont even know ed westwick. he just plays chuck bass really well!
by gossip girl :D November 18, 2007

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