A phrase first mentioned in TASTE Magazine (Australia) in 2005. EcoSexy refers to any product or company that adheres to 'Big 3' of new sustainability:

1. It has to be ecologically sustainable
2. It must be socially responsible
3. It has to be cool.

It's not Eco-Friendly. Composting toilets are Eco-Friendly, But do you want that in your house?
A Mercedes that runs on solar power, made in a factory run on green electricity, by people that have considered all aspects of building that vehicle, and actively minimised it's impact on everything . . . THAT's EcoSexy.
by adam Baudelaire June 24, 2007
Top Definition
Being ecologically friendly because it's trendy.
My new hybrid lexus SUV is so ecosexy.
by JRes August 18, 2006
Sexy clothing made from earth friendly fabrics such as bamboo, organic cotton or lyocell using eco friendly production methods.
CHOPPER COUTURE is the essence of EcoSexy
by Arlene the Biker Queen June 26, 2009

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