Urban clothing seen mainly on teenagers who are familiar with the gangsta like style, (mostly wear tracksuits), founded by the artist Marc Ecko, Ecko Ultd and Ecko Red.
Marc Ecko is the founder of Ecko clothing.
by Bailzz January 10, 2007
Top Definition
ecko, a clothing company started and owned by a white guy named Marc Ecko. So any race can wear it.
"nice pants i envy them something fierce are they ecko", "Why yes my friend they are indeed".
by whitechild July 31, 2004
Since its inception in 1993, Ecko Unlimited has exploded into a leader in the hip-hop, skate/extreme sport and designer fashion markets. Marc Ecko, a graff writer and the creative force behind the Ecko Unlimited brand, has pioneered the fusion of disparate elements of youth culture into a singular expression of global lifestyle.
yo wanksta! ur ecko tee is tight.
by stevie4life2003 May 29, 2005
clothing company with street style - and designer prices. has renowned logo of the rhino. creator is a white skateboarder from new jersey.
"check out that girl - all pimped out in ecko."
by eckoxtc November 16, 2005
A clothing line made by the graffiti artist "Marc Ecko". They have some good clothes and are not just for wiggers. Many ecko clothes are graffiti influinced and don't just say "look at me I'm from the ghetto because I bought this shirt"

Marc Ecko is also the culprit of writing the game "Getting up, Contents Under Pressure" which has influenced a generation of "Train Oners" That the avarage graffiti artist hates as they have no foreknowledge to graffiti and go writing the same thing on their suburb mailboxes with sharpies. Marc Ecko is also one of the few sell out graffiti artists.
Guy 1 "Hey man look at my new ecko shirt, am I ghetto material yet?"
Guy 2 "Shut up man, stop being such a tool"

Person 1 "Werd, Im loving this ecko shirt"
Person 2 "Yeah it's dope.

Toy 1 "ZOMG let's go bomb our school with sharpies, and write TRANEONER just like in "Getting Up""
Toy 2 "Yeah that'll show how rebellious we are"
by KOSR! TNS December 07, 2006
A washed up line of clothing. Typically only homos, tools, and douschebags wear ecko.
Look at that homo over there in that Ed Hardy shirt and ecko track pants.
by Random guy 555 December 01, 2013
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