A language commonly used by the African-American race.
English-Hello friend, would you like to go hang out by those gils?
Ebonics-su cuz lets pimp dat way cuz thos biatches is stiaght up off da hizzle for rizzle.
by hizzle_69fizzle September 12, 2003
The way black people talk its stands for, ebony which means dark and phonics with means like the way of speaking or the vocabulary so in other words the way black people speak.
Like for shizzle my nizzle thats part of ebonics or like that was a hizzy for shizzy party.
by Gizmo April 09, 2003
Ebonics- are simply english words that have different meanings, and used most of the time in a different context, from what the "norm" would consider to be it's definition.
For example: Crib- this term usually will describe a bed for a baby. On the other hand the ebonical term would have the definition as being- a house, a home, or wherever you live.

Another example would be a popular word: Boo
Boo is known in the dictionary as a word used to express dissatisfaction or contempt, especially at a speaker or performer. However Boo in ebonics can mean a good friend, or a girlfriend. It is used a term of endearment.

All the other stuff you all are writing about is simply called ignorance and is not associated with ebonics in my book.
by Mrspesina May 12, 2008
a "lanuge" made my by racist blacks as an excuse to not have to learn proper english like the rest of it's a messed up english made of stuff like izzles and in proper setences
black guy one:yo bizzle get meh meh gun fo so i'z be popin som capz

black guy two(went to shcool):dude what are your trying say

white guy: hah ha ha ha

(both black guys kill him cause most black aboout 75% are all racists)
by xion May 10, 2005
a style of slang talk that is commonly associated with "black people" and "black impersonators". still commonly used, still commonly ridiculed by closet racists. are you going to make fun of every other slang there is? 9 times out of ten, you who is reading this uses slang in everyday life... why else would they be on urbandictionary?
ebonics, what's the problem? who gives a fuck how i speak

idiot (mocking): yo yo yo g-dawg fo shizzle i done popped a cap in that bitch's ass

idiot 2: yo that was ill... yo that was dope... yo that was safe... yo that was murked... to every possible and inappropriate situation

me: *two bitch slaps*

by gostupid October 22, 2008
A version of the English Language, most commonly used by Aferican Americans, and Caucasian Africans.
Ebonics: yo za ga bens na b up wif da shaakzz in da hood, i whoo yo aa niii.

Translation: Hello, how is it going my counterpart, best not be loitering with fellow counterparts in the living space, or I shall engage in violent activities with you, African American.
by Rice Hater June 28, 2005
Yo lisin' up y'all. Ebonics be a way of talkin' when you in da hood o' up in da club. When you be talkin' Ebonics, guys is pimp}s or gangstas. Girls is hos or fine piece o' ass. When you sees someone you knows, you ax dem a qwestion, like,
what up, or what up playa. After you says something, you can say b-otch. You can be sayin' yo mama a lot of da time. It's betta if you wears some bling or be in a car that bouces when you says Ebonics. Do you gots it?
Yo, what up playa? Yo mama be up in da club, ho! B-OTCH!!!
by Jesus Himself May 10, 2005

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