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a place where like minded individuals come to compare e-penises and bitch about the previous nights episode of "house" while masturbating openly on chatroulette... and flash is a homo
google "ebaum nation forum"
#ebaumnation #ebaum #nation #ebn #women #and #horses
by d-bagsmile April 13, 2010
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The place to be for Dublin faggots who want to spam the d-bagsmile any chance they get. Also no nigras allowed (unless dem nigraz be bi!)
Nigra: Ebaum Nation? Dat de place where dat celtic mothafucka spams his d-bag sheet?
Bonenator: Damn riiiite dawg! Pity you ain't allowed, tho. Us brothas could fuck dem white boys uuuuup!
#ebaumnation #ebaum nation #ebn #spooky #kfc ain't white food #haters gonna hate #bonenator is a fag
by Hipster kitty April 16, 2010
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