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also know as streaking, it is the act of running in the middle of the night completely naaaked :] and laughing until pee comes down your leg.

one can do this with a towel tied around your neck, which is suggested, just in case those pesky neighbors come out.

also, it is perfectly fine to do it with other members of the same sex, or if you're feeling andeventurous, invite the opposite sex!

Jim: "Soooo what'd you do last night?"

Sarah: "bitch, i was eating pineapple last night! you missed out!"
Alex: "Omg, michelle i love you so much lets go have some fun eating pineapple together!"

Michelle: "Ok alex lets do it!"
by schooolisoverrated March 12, 2009

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sticking your tongue in and out of a homosexual's belly button.
dude, are you eating pineapple?

yuh-huhhhh! he's yummy!
by whitegoldandie April 02, 2010