the act of giving or receiving oral sex from someone other than your partner
man busts through bathroom door to find his girlfriend sprawled out on the floor receiving oral sex from another female and then screams at her while clutching cross in his hands "EATIN IS CHEATIN!!!!"
by RJACKS November 16, 2010
Top Definition
A redneck phrase that is used to correct persons who think oral sex is not cheating on a spouse or significant other. Ususally associated with a man performing oral on a woman, but there are other variations that we can all imagine.

Made famous by a call to EITM from Richmond VA. If you dont know what EITM is, then smell my face!!
Billy Brett: I heard you ate out betty sue last night.

One-armed Jimmy: Hey man, dont say that so loud, Norma Jean is in the next room ...dont you know EATIN IS CHEATIN!
by fang17 February 27, 2006
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