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1. A john (customer of a prostitute) who is easy to deal with, is gentle and does not request dangerous, painful, kinky or difficult sexual services. The john is easy-going, pleasant and polite. He acts like a gentleman.

2. In normal, non-commercial sexual relationships, "easy trick" would define a man who is not overly-demanding, difficult, high-maintenance or abusive.
1. Prostitute: "That john was an easy trick. He only wanted a hand job. He paid upfront without any hassle, was polite, treated me like a lady."

2. Girfriend talking about her boyfriend: "My man is an easy trick. He doesn't slap me around or force me to do anal sex. He's pleasant, easy-going, and appreciates all the good things I do."
by crankster1776 April 11, 2009

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