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A variant on the phrase "Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy", which is a child's rhyming slang to indicate an easy task. However, this term is used specifically in reference to the violent overthrow of government, or in reference to the act of writing any text, pamphlet, paper, or book on such subjects.
1) "Comrade, are you ready to storm the Tsar's Winter Palace and install our protelariat government in place of this autocratic and outdated feudal monarchy?"
"Yes, comrade. It will be easy peasy lenin squeezy because they are all fat bourgeois pigs."

2) "Yo man, have you written that essay on Karl Marx yet?"
"No, but it should be easy peasy lenin squeezy, I've read the book twice already."

by Manish Melwani May 07, 2008

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