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A gang located in Caldwell,Idaho, with it's original roots from VLT (Varrio Loco Trece) a gang from Texas. ESL's varrio is located on the east side of Caldwell, and their main rivals are the West Side Loma Locos also from Caldwell. They are also rivals with North Side Nampa. ESL claims the number 13 or trece. (ie-ESL13). Many of ESL's veteranos are currently incarcerated in state prisons, some as a result of putting in work against the Lomas.
"I heard that those vatos from the East Side Locos put it down, ese."
by big chino June 12, 2006
The kraziest mothafucken ganga out there...reppin 308 BITCH AND WHAT
East Side Locos is the shit,fools better watch out. TRUCHA!
by de las calles March 23, 2005
A bunch of stupid juveniles who think it is cool to intimidate people and point guns at others, and deal drugs in their town or on the east side bee.
"yo bee, da east side locos are up in this peace, drop you draws and spread ya cheeks, cause we be butt slammers gee"
by mama lucien March 25, 2005
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