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When a person has earphones in apparently listening to music, but in reality listening to other people's conversations, usually about how creepy that person is.

Other people think he's not paying attention because he's jamming to music, so it's a very affective illusion.

Usually employed by creepers, stalkers, or when a person happens to overhear something about themselves, in which they turn down or off their music to hear what is being said.

Another similar illusion is pretending to sleep. People then open up and start talking about things they may not while one is awake.
"I don't think we can talk right now. Jake looks like he's earphone phaking."

"I was earphone phaking the other day, and I heard Amanda likes Joe!"

"Man! I hate Mike! He's such a earphone phaker!"
#illusion #music #earphones #faking #creeper
by J.S.H.T. September 22, 2009
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