adj. meaning in a prompt nature; happening right now or ahead of time.
I started drinkin at 6 EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
by 368 May 10, 2004
used as a compliment, the opposite of the commonly used derogatory term "late" or "l8"
kid 1 pulls handle of smirnoff out of bag
by hadadada November 29, 2010
Another way of saying holla or whats up. Originated in Philly.
yo i'll talk to ya later. Early!
by strawberry July 20, 2003
Jumping the gun. Too quick to fight.
Any litte shit goes down and some mofos get all early.
by fear the spork May 31, 2005
Before twelve o'clock in the afternoon.
Had to get up early.
by Fist February 15, 2005
gangsta way to say "good-bye"
holla atcha boy....early
by Merittislndballa June 02, 2003
morning sex
I like rolling over first thing in the AM and bustin' out some early.
by Herb N. Dictionary October 20, 2002

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