A tingling down the spine, when hearing a climax of a noise/sound.
Get chill or goosebumps hearing something good.
Girl 1: I got eargasms when i heard Beyonce sing Ave Maria
Girls 2: No kidding
by Tobenoist May 07, 2013
a word used to describe how good a new song is.
"Holy shit that song was so good i had an eargasm"
by footballer2325 April 12, 2010
a feeling of euphoria and intense pleasure after hearing an acoustically pleasing word.
Whenever I hear the word gazebo I get an eargasm!
by Lt. Fuzz September 19, 2007
Other than just having an eargasm by just listening to music, also by swabbing out the ear canal when it is at it's extreme grimiest and getting pleasured or even aroused by this clean feeling.
I pretty much just had an eargasm when I penetrated my ear canal with a Q-tip after Jim-Bob managed to ejaculate all over it.
by Katzen March 07, 2005
A pleasant sound that causes for an amount of sexual stimulation. Often associated with forms of music or whispering.
I was at the _____ concert, man I had aneargasm! Or: That chick's voice just give me eargasms.
by Snoopypez July 09, 2003
something that brings pleasure to your ears.
:dude I'm having an eargasm!!
: from what??
by Deks December 18, 2003
Extreme sexual pleasure cause by rubbing/ fondling ones earlobe.
Jasmin gave me a great eargasm
by Robby March 25, 2003
A orgasm you get in your ear when you hear Ronnie Radke's voice.
Woah, that song by Falling In Reverse just gave me a eargasm!
by your moms secret lover O_o July 29, 2011

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