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Bluetooth headset. Much like the hairstyle it is named after, it was once considered fashionable, but is now only sported by dorks.
Check out that guy talking on his ear mullet.
#bluetooth #earbud #mulletbluetooth headset #technology #cellphone #bluetool #bluehole #bluedouche #earpiece
by crooooooow April 18, 2010
When a non-Jew/goy chooses to sport what seem to be payes/earlocks/sidelocks, this is what they're called. Although it originated in the world of suburban punk rock subculture and is not a phrase of Jewish origin nor is it often used by Jews, it probably should be and it is used by many others, nonetheless.
-Isaac, look at that goy's ear mullets. What does he think he is? Chosen?
-You're right, Avram. Does he use a flat iron on those ear mullets of his?
#mullet #payes #sidelocks #side locks #earlocks #ear locks #goy #goyim
by Joshua Jordan Nordyke May 10, 2008
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