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Someone that cannot or will not understand the nature of an eBay transaction.

A sufficiently talented eBay mong will fail to read the listing, be incapable of following clear instructions, fail to make contact if they win the auction and generally dick the seller about in new and inventive ways.

The eBay mong's natural habitat is a dreamworld. They communicate by 'txt spk' only, and never have any money.
Listing: Please DO NOT send text messages as I will not reply to them.
eBay mong, via SMS: "Orite m8 wots ur lowist price on the xyz can pickup tonite"

Listing: DO NOT ask for a buy it now price, the auction will run until it finishes.
eBay mong: "Orite m8 wots ur lowist price on the xyz can pickup tonite"

Seller: Congratulations on winning the auction, please contact me on xxxxx to arrange payment/collection
eBay mong: ....................
by antiseptic April 04, 2013
Someone who has no understanding of the actual value of the product in question being sold on eBay.
I can't believe this eBay mong bought my second-hand headphones for £199 on my eBay auction with £30 p&p. They're on Amazon for £150, brand new with free postage and packaging. What an eBay mong.
by Jockey Thomas January 30, 2010
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