To pull out early.
To bench oneself from a sporting activity.
Yo dawg, my knee is smashed, I need to Eg.

Don't worry baby, I'll Eg.
by Pablo Vasquez November 23, 2010
The town of East Greenbush, New York, as refered to by citizens of EG.
person 1: Hey where are you from?
person 2: Im from EG!
by JennieLynn May 09, 2005
An idiot. The acronym stands for "Enhanced Glasses", which has the idea that glasses do not ACTUALLY make you smarter, only appear it.
Person one: Hey in science this person was like "The sun is a star!?!?"

Person two: E.G.!
by T3h 1337 d00D con namezorz o * March 31, 2012
erect girth, as in penis girth with an erection
My eg increased from 5" to 5.5"
by Ron Howard August 30, 2007
Slang term used for Energy Drinks
I drank four EGs in a row man, I'm fucked up.
by EtanK September 25, 2006
Energy DRINK!!!~

The e stands for energy the G stands for ENERGY
Im higgggh of egs
by egnig November 01, 2008
When you are totally incapable of doing anything.
I've smoked too much i'm such an eg.
by Lee Patrice January 31, 2004

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