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One whom uses the anonymity of the internet as a medium to dogmatically broadcast his noteworthy social standing. E-Winners command respect, awe and admiration. An E-Winner will typically be a wrestler, secret agent, bodybuilder, hip hop DJ, womaniser and a skater of international reputation concurrently. Their 1337 skills are so awesome that they are able to maintain 100 kills and zero deaths on Counterstrike Source wilst simultaneously being blown by their girlfriend. When offline, E-Winners spend the majority of their waking hours masturbating furiously over dead body porn and dedicate an inordinate amount of time to frotting the plug socket or USB ports on their computer.
Todd: Your status was set to "away" on Messenger, is everything ok?
Br4d: Yeah its all totally sweet, i picked up this hot babe at the club and put the bouncer in a scorpion deathlock for 11 hours because he looked me in the eye.
Todd: You've been gone for twenty five minutes you fucking e-winner.
Br4d: Sweeet.
by Joshoid April 04, 2006

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