1. Talking under influence of ecstacy, telling people things you don't want them to hear, or don't mean.

2. Emo(tional) talk, constantly talking about your emotions, whether anyone wants to hear it or not.

3. Electronic talk, nerdtalk, bragging about the latest additions to their computer/drooling over electronic stuff the want added to their own collection in public.
1. "When I said I was glad your mother finally died, it wasn't me, I was e-talking"

2. "Damn, I was on a date with this scenekid, lateron I noticed she was an emo. Flooding me with her pathetic e-talking!"

3. "Look at those nerds in front of the games, e-talking about the best processor available.
by GraingerIV February 18, 2009
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refers to the expression of thoughts or feelings that you would not usually say, while being on e.

when i said i loved you it wasn't me it was the e talking
by fanity July 20, 2008

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