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E-superman: (n). short for electronic superman. 1. Any user of a personal computer, that thinks they are invincible, because they cannot be seen, and think they are anonymous. E-supermans often do things online that they would not do in real life. E-supermans think they are untouchable, super macho, so they think they can do anything online, like hack websites, write viruses, flame online users. E-supermans have no idea of the long term consequences. 2. adj. Describes the feeling of power one gets when they take hold of a computer--quite often, they are just looking for attention.
Who knows how many e-supermans there are out roaming the online world, feeling bold and indestructible behind a computer.

Ignore that e-superman. It's just another user looking for attention.
by Boggler July 22, 2005
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